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Our Team

Brandie Jackson

Brandie is the programs founder, CEO and trainer.  She has been professionally training dogs for over 20 years and leads the local 4-H dog project as well. Brandie loves building relationships with owners and their dogs to help them bond and overcome obstacles together, but her true passion lies in working with rescued, surrendered and stray dogs to help rehabilitate them into becoming the best doggie version of themselves they can be. She also helps local shelters, veterinarians and canine advocacy groups with dog behavior consultations and staff training. Brandie's passion for helping underserved Colorado shelters and the dogs in their care is what led her to creating the Pawsitive Pathways Program in April of 2022, which then became a 501(c)3 nonprofit in November 2023. Every dog that she is able to place into a perfect new home holds a special place in her heart and fuels her drive toward continuing the work of Pawsitive Pathways. She is especially grateful to share her life's work and passion with her two daughters and husband who support the program.

Lynn Gerber

Our Community Outreach Director, Lynn, has tremendous love and respect for dogs. She has always said that rescuing dogs is her calling, perhaps because she herself is a rescue in a sense. She was given up for adoption at birth and for years struggled with feelings of abandonment. After semi-retiring she helped form a nonprofit and educational group to support rescues and shelters, but when she and her friend closed that non-profit Lynn continued on to work at the Capitol, lobbying and being involved in animal advocacy legislation as well as acting as a stakeholder with PACFA and BAP and most recently an advocate in Colorado Animal Welfare. In 2022, God brought her and Brandie Jackson together to form Pawsitive Pathways. Within Pawsitive Pathways she networks and advertises endlessly through social media, former business contacts, friends and family to find homes for dogs and to secure funding for their care.  Lynn is also a creative small business owner and enjoys making jewelry and leather accessories, often giving a portion of her profits to the cause!

Baylee Bezona-Garbo

Baylee, Brandie's eldest daughter, is a Registered Veterinary Technician and passionate animal lover. Within the Pawsitive Pathways program she helps with intake health assessments, veterinary care, and vaccinations of the dogs and also manages our website, advertisements, photography, and merchandise design. She showed and trained dogs for over 10 years while in 4-H in her youth and is now a judge for the Colorado 4-H dog and cat projects. She also enjoys volunteering with local low cost vaccination clinics and helping to educate the public about responsible pet ownership. Baylee has always desired to help pets and their people feel supported, appreciated and understood. At home, she is accompanied by her husband and a variety of her own pets including three dogs, one cat, some goats and a few fish tanks!

Bristal Jackson

Bristal is Brandie's youngest daughter and one of the most important members of the Pawsitive Pathways team. She spends countless hours with each and every dog in the program providing them with meals, exercise, training, and love. Without her help, caring for the many dogs in the program at any given time would not be possible. Bristal currently shows and trains dogs in 4-H, following closely in the footsteps of her mother and eldest sister. She has a natural connection with all animals and has been eager to help with the intake, care, training, and transportation of each Pawsitive Pathways dog.

As she continues to gain experience and knowledge she will surely become a great asset to the animal advocate community.

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