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There are Many Ways to Help

(other than adopting a dog!)

1. Sponsor a Dog (recurrent/monthly)
For one dog to complete the Pawsitive Pathways program it costs approximatley $1000. This is roughly calculated based on an average stay of 30 days per dog, but of course some stay longer if need be.

See the breakdown below:
Daily Care & Training- $20 per day ($600 total)
Food & Treats- $3 per day ($90 total)
Leash & Collar- $40
Toys/Enrichment- $40

Transportation- $100
Veterinary Care- $100
Advertising- $30
Total Cost of Program per Dog for 30 days = $1000

As a sponsor, you can choose to remain anonymous or be listed and featured as the dog's sponsor. To breakdown the cost and responsibilty of sponsoring a dog into more bite-sized chunks, we have created 4 tiers of sponsorship to select from and as a thank you, each level 4 sponsor will recieve a Pawsitive Pathways cotton tote bag and all other levels will recieve one or more vinyl stickers! Pupdates from the pooches are always available too!

Paws Pathways Sponsorship Levels.png
  • Charitable Chihuahua

    Every month
    Provides a great start and second chance for one lucky dog!
  • The Giving Golden

    Every month
    Provides a deserving dog with 12 inclusive days in program!
  • Passionate Pittie

    Every month
    Provides a dog in need with 20 inclusive days in program!
  • True Hound Hero

    Every month
    Provides one special dog with a full, complete program stay!

2. Donate to the General Program Fund
Small, rural rescues and shelters that we work with are often underserved and unfunded. There are dozens of dogs every week who desperatley need to find a way out of the rural shelter they are in, in order to have a chance at adoption. But with no money or sponsor to support them through the program, the shelter directors are at a loss. That's where your donation comes in! Donations to our programs general fund is utilized for dogs in need who have no private sponsorship or funding available. Even small amounts help and can add up quickly! You can donate in a few different ways:

Venmo: @PK92020


A Check Mailed To:
Pawsitive Pathways Inc

Brandie Jackson
92303 County Road 44 Kim, CO 81049


3. Send Items to the Dogs from our Amazon Wishlist
Each dog in the program needs a collar, leash, enrichment activities (or brain games as we call them), toys, treats and bedding, not to mention their daily meals! By shopping from the Pawsitive Pathways Amazon Wishlist, you can select exactly what items you wish to buy and have sent to the dogs in the program. If they could say thank you themselves, they would! Click here to check out what items are needed:

4. Shop at the PK9 Online Store
Did you know we have merch?! Our online store has tshirts, tank tops, tote bags, stickers, water bottles, and more - all with cute, funny, awesome dog lover designs. One of our own volunteers/leaders designs all these products for us herself! The best part is that 100% of all sales and merchandise proceeds go directly back to the Pawsitive Pathways Program fund. Please consider taking a look and shopping around, just click here: 


5. Spread the Word
Networking, advetising and spreading the word to friends, family and your community is a great way to help the wonderful dogs in the Pawsitive Pathways program. You could be sharing information straight to a dog's perfect future family or generous sponsor! The more we get the word out, the faster the dogs recieve homes they deserve. Please feel free to share our website, digital business card, Facebook page, and Youtube channel - all listed here:

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