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Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of training techniques does PK9 use?

PK9 believes in a personalized approach to dog training that takes each dog and owners individual needs, concerns and goals into consideration. PK9’s training methods and principles are based on positive reinforcment and counter conditioning. Counter conditioning means changing the pet's emotional response, feelings or attitude toward any given stimulus, whether good or bad.  Positive reinforcement techniques use non aversive or forceful methods to train a dog’s brain by rewarding positive behavior and establishing routines that are incompatible with negative behavior, therefore lessening a dog’s frustration – all while enabling the dog to feel good about what you are asking it to do. If you reinforce a dog’s desirable behaviors, there is less of a chance that they will indulge in bad behaviors. Some of the most important aspects of training that PK9 focuses on are having consistency and patience, building the dog's trust and confidence, practicing owner leadership, and setting healthy boundaries and providing structure for dogs. Not every dog responds the same to every situation or training method, so it is important to work with each owner as an individual to ensure a customized training plan for best possible experience and outcome.

What is a group class at PK9?

Group classes are where dogs and owners of all skill level come to learn about many of the most important and basic aspects of dog training with much much more. Whether you or your dog are a beginner or more advanced in training, this class will be a place for continual learning, practice, advancement of skills and a ton of fun. Group classes may include the teaching of things like: stay, down, come/recall, stay in place, wait, no jumping, general socialization, distractions, owner leadership/bonding, and fun activities too! You can start group classes at any time and not worry about missing a class here or there because the concepts we teach our revisited on a rotational basis while still keeping each class fun and exciting.

What does the first private lesson for a group class include?

When you buy a monthly membership for the first time, you receive a free 30min private lesson. This is to prepare you and your dog for a group class setting. We will discuss what types of training techniques will work best for you and your dog, what collars and leashes you may need, and we will make sure that you and your dog understand basic obedience and manners, like sit, wait, stay in place, and how to keep your dog’s attention.

How does a monthly membership for group classes work?

When you buy a monthly membership, you have the flexibility of attending up to 8 group classes each month (two times a week). The longer the monthly membership you purchase, the lower the price per class becomes. Please see our group class pricing options or ask any of the trainers for more details.

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