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Resources for Pets & Their Owners

throughout Southeastern Colorado

(including Lamar, Trinidad, Springfield, La Junta, Pueblo, Canon City, Colorado Springs)

Low Cost Vet Care (Spay, Neuter and Vaccines)
Southern Colorado Spay-Neuter (719)564-3776 - Pueblo
PetSmart Humane Society Wellness Clinic (719)595-9000 - Pueblo
VetCo (Petco) Vaccination Clinic (719)543-6160 - Pueblo
Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (719)473-1741 - Co Springs
Wellness Waggin Mobile Vet Clinic (719)473-1741 - Traveling near Co Springs
Hamlett Spay and Neuter Clinic (719)475-1800 - Co Springs
Humane Society of Fremont County (719)275-0663 - Canon City
Bergen Spay & Neuter Alliance (719)581-9285 - Traveling all over Colorado
SLV Spay and Neuter Alliance (719)657-7076 - Traveling from Trinidad to Alamosa

Online / Telehealth Veterinary Services

General Veterinary Clinics
-Lamar Animal Medical Center (719)336-5509
-Eaton Veterinary Clinic (719)336-5068
-Lamar Veterinary Clinic (719)336-8484
-Big Timber Veterinary Clinic (719)336-2253

-Trinidad Animal Clinic (719)846-3212
-Fisher's Peak Vet Clinic (719)846-3211

-Southeast Colorado Vet Clinic (719)523-6828

La Junta
-Aldrich Veterinary Services (719)384-7387
-Ark Valley Animal Animal Hospital (719)383-2824

-Mesa Veterinary Clinic (719)542-6075
-Pueblo Small Animal Clinic (719)545-4350
-Pets & Friends (719)542-2022
-Veterinary Hospital Associates (719)564-0330
-Belaire Animal Hospital (719)561-2000
-Goode Animal Health Care (719)924-8969
-Pueblo West Veterinary Clinic (719)547-3565
-Hilltop Pet Clinic (719)547-9237
-Prairie Mountain Veterinary Services (719)251-9236

Canon City
-Fremont Veterinary Hospital (719)269-3349
-Fourmile Veterinary Clinic (719)275-6318
-Eskridge Veterinary Clinic (719)275-6237
-Kenline Veterinary Clinic (719)275-2081
-Rose Veterinary Hospital (719)275-1909

Veterinary Care Financial Assistance
-Harley's Hope
-Banfield Foundation
-Brown Dog Foundation
-Friends Rescued Animal Network
-Ginger's Legacy
-Red Rover Relief Foundation

-Rowdy Relief Fund
-The Pet Fund
-AAHA Helping Pets Fund
-Actors and others for Animals
-Brown Dog Foundation

Emergency Veterinary Hospitals / Helplines
-Pueblo Area Pet Emergency Hosp (Limited Hours) (719)544-7788 - Pueblo
-Animal ER Care Main (24/7) (719)260-7141 - Co Springs 
-Animal ER Care Central (Limited Hours) (719)755-0558 - Co Springs
-Powers Pet Emergency (24/7) (719)473-0482 - Co Springs
-Uintah Pet Emergency (Limited Hours) (719)633-3214 - Co Springs
-ASPCA Poison Control Hotline (888)426-4435
-Pet Poision Helpline (800)213-6680

-Lamar City Animal Shelter (719)336-8769 - Lamar
-Noah's Ark Animal Welfare (719)680-2385 - Trinidad
-PAWS for Life (719)543-6464 - Pueblo
-Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (719)544-3005 - Pueblo
-Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue (719)547-4008 - Pueblo

-Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (719)473-1741 - Co Springs

Animal Law Enforcement

-La Junta Police Department (719)384-2525

-Trinidad Police Department (719)846-4441

-Colorado Springs and Pueblo (719)302-8798

-City of Centennial (303)325-8070

-Douglas County (303)660-7529

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